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The Facts: Democrats vs. Republicans on NC Taxes

Since 2011, NC House Republicans have delivered on our promise to foster an economic landscape that grows our economy and brings prosperity to North Carolina.

The Democrats, especially Roy Cooper, resort to false claims to deceive voters about their track record and the actual implications of our conservative reforms. Perhaps Democrats are worried that voters continue to vote with their pocketbooks. The more money a citizen is allowed to keep, the more they support the conservative tax policies we have implemented.

Moreover, when we work to provide tax relief, the liberal think tanks develop studies that conclude the sky will fall if the tax cuts are enacted. We have heard this tune year in and year out, only to their doomsday predictions fall flat.

In the final few years of Democrat control in Raleigh, they passed $4.4 billion in taxes increases on ALL North Carolinians:

  • 2003 Democrat Sales Tax Increase Estimated $700 million H.B. 397

  • 2005 Democrat Sales Tax Increase Estimated $900 million S.B. 622

  • 2007 Democrat Sales Tax Increase Estimated $500 million H.B. 1473

  • 2009 Democrat Sales Tax Increase Estimated $2 billion S.B. 202

Republicans have rolled back the massive sales tax hikes enacted by Democrats and reformed our tax rates to help all North Carolinians save more money.

Even Roy Cooper’s own administration admits that more than 241,000 low-income North Carolinians will no longer pay income taxes.

Now, why is this all important? The answer is simple: we think you can spend your money better than the government. If you would like to see why higher taxes does not work, take a look at the situation in Illinois. Under a Democrat legislative supermajority, they have ushered in textbook liberal policy after liberal policy. What’s happened? Illinois is about to become the first state to have its debt downgraded to junk status and is close to bankruptcy. They just passed their first budget in three years. They have a $15 billion backlog. Every middle-class family is losing out on nearly $700 more dollars per year.

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