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Agriculture is the #1 industry in the 28th District of the North Carolina House of Representatives. There are more farmers in this district than any other in the state. I recognize this and plan on making it a priority. Commissioner Steve Troxler has stated that we need to increase the production of food by 50% by the year 2030 or this world is going to be in trouble. Nobody can and will do this except the American Farmer, the North Carolina Farmer and more especially the Johnston County Farmer. I also want to help the Commissioner grow Agriculture from a 78 Billion dollar industry to exceed 100 Billion dollars and I believe we can do it!

Larry grew up on my family farm between Pine Level and the Brogdon area. As the 4th generation of his family to work and maintain that farm, it’s more than just dirt to Larry. It is his family. It’s his Father and Mother, Granddaddy and Grandmother. That farm gave Larry and his family an opportunity to go to college but when it was time to come home and barn tobacco, Larry was there.

As your Legislator, Larry is committed to doing everything in his power to fight these burdensome regulations coming from DC. This is a monumental ruling and we as a State Legislature have to fight for the ones that feed the entire world. That’s the farmer. Larry realizes how important sweet potato production is in this district and how important trade agreements are, as well as cotton and soybeans.

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